Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spotlight on Thom Browne......

....The Art of getting FLEECED!

With night, darkest ,wintry night upon us ,I thought "let's take a long hard look at the phenomenon of Thom Browne, bespoke suit Createur. Then again on second thought, maybe sunday nights are sad enough without adding Insult to Injury.
Who? What? How? WHY?????
My mother thought it was cute to see little boys in chest high pants and jackets with that abbreviated fit. To my eye it just read The House of Erkle. That look was the product of Haute HandMeDowns, not a costume that cost the same as a down payment on a too small apartment in the wrong part of town. But tell that to the "of the moment" FASHIONISTO. I will give him this, He's the first "styliste" in a long time who has managed to create truly androgynous clothing: Men look like unflattering Women, and Women look.... well, unflattering.
Perhaps the trouser can double as a TRUSS ,either way, one is begging for a news making WEDGIE. If it feels good ,DO IT!

Some forms of CLEVERNESS come with just TOO HIGH a price.


Anonymous said...

finally somebody calls it what it is.

Fashion created by a middle aged gay man who go stuck in his high school choir boy fantasy. Internalized repression incarnated.

Anonymous said...

How does a co. like Brooks Brothers choose a designer , so marginal and eccentric, with collections for men and women , almost identical in shapes, only for the most jaded consumer and expect mainstream Wall st. and Madison ave. to go nuts over it,and pay truly outrageous prices for it only to be stared at....and not in a good way.