Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what's SEXY in a heat wave????

For one thing, NO SWEATING is a powerful turn on. That's a toughie, though. Few of us,excluding me, can venture out in 350 degree heat and not glow the tiniest bit. Hairlessness is one way to beat the heat. Short of that, wearing almost nothing can be very compelling.
Some really COOL ways to dress for the inferno are very simple crisp shirts paired with a short to the knee or just below slim skirt. The sleeves are absent or rolled up to the elbow. Sleek cotton or the thinnest Tasmanian woolskirt and drop dead closed- toe slingbacks in reptile look absolutely HOT, in the cool sense of the word. This is working girl Chic or just dressing like you MIGHT have to work. Short , boy cut hair or a mane that's been twisted by hand and caught with a tortoise-shell chopstick is perfection. No make up is needed because the heat will bring the color to your cheeks and an overall glow to your arms and legs. If you're totally casual, then the tiniest trapeze in a very bold print....perhaps Marimekko, particularly "vintage" , bought by Mom in the 70's from DR (DesignResearch) in Harvard Square. This look calls for espadrilles, earth bound ones or Bottega sandals high or low. Forget a bag on a day like this....just a tiny wallet that only holds credit cards or cash that fits in your pocket. Nothing cumbersome or heat seeking. Sexy in a blast furnace is an attitude that it's a perfectly lovely day to be out and about in the city. You notice I didn't mention jewelry of any sort. Whatever you might wear should be so minimal and sleek it should almost be imperceptible to the eye. A set of 5 wire thin hammered gold bangles on one wrist and matching loops in your ears. Or a very simple steel braceletted watch. Better yet one rather thick gold ring on your middle finger and not a thing more. The sexiest look of all is moving confidently and ALONE on the sidewalk.

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