Monday, July 28, 2008

out is the new in.

I stand corrected. Maybe Peter Soms demise at Blass was greatly exaggerated. It seems he's renegotiating his contract and trying to get NexCen to pay up or shut up. Seems like he has some posse with him who haven't collected any checks from the boss man in some time. So he's fighting for their rights , in a fashion ,as well as his own. I guess the powers that be are tight wads who just don't feel that contracts are made to be honored. That makes them thoroughly modern. Why buy the lamb chop when you can slaughter it for free?

Well, I for one am finding this tail of woe less than scintillating. It reeks of pretentiousness, posturing and poor judgement ,not to mention poor taste. Neither side is worth backing. Both are without any real merit and therefore MOOT.

A tempest in a tote bag. Another lost weekend. Time for a Reality check. I see dead people.....

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