Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nip and Tuck?

Is it my imagination or does it look like Todd has had some work done? These pics span a year or 2 but the one on the right is the most recent and the one which looks the most"altered". I know it's ill-mannered to point and stare, but it's seems so odd to see the differences in these portaits. I hate to see that in a middle aged man...midlife crisis, career crisis, or what have you. That's no reason to go running to the local butcher. .....Plastic surgery is pretty scary.


(angry) deacon said...

even scarier is the black stripe jacket in the top picture. that lapel is going to kill someone if you are not careful. but it all balanced out with the second picture, in which he looks like a harmless character from mad magazine. todd is getting old(ham).

Anonymous said...

The new look resembles Clay Aitken, and I'm not sure that's good unless his next move is into the Nashville music scene. But I like the look in the last picture, with a little age-appropriate grey at the temples.

Anonymous said...

your either blind or 400 pounds and can't fit out your apt. door. all these pix are cute except the 2nd one that some hate filled person wasted their time obviously altering it agenda much? you guys and this blog are so transparent

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:13,
Given that Todd is a highly visible person with his Bravo tv show and all, I think this topic is fair game. Trouble is, he's an attractive guy (he reminds me of T.E. Lawrence) who has gone too far in the facial treatment department so that it becomes uncomfortable to look at him, and suggests a little desparation.

Anyhow, if you want to disagree I think you're better off saying it in an orderly and polite way, rather than lobbing reckless insults.