Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Attention YSL Shoppers!!!! Huge sale in aisle 3!

Today starts 3 days of intense non-bargain shopping at the Christies Auction at the Grand Palais in Paris. It's just about everything that YSL and Pierre Berge collected together over the many years they were partners. It's huge and so are the price tags. It's also beautifully rich and deep in it's content. They had exquisite eyes for paintings . From old masters to the modern , they collected their favorites IN DEPTH. It's never one of these and one of those , it was 5 and 10 of each. They needed multiple homes just to make room for their treasures. I saw in my 6 volume catalogue, page after page of the most extraordinary things. The environments in which they both lived were a world of inspiration, comfort and splendor. Every wall, surface and space was inhabited by the things of Dreams.
I will watch over the next 3 days the live auction on my computer ( you can too). Just go to Christies .com and get the simple instructions. I will look forward to seeing many of you there. If you are tenacious , I'm sure you'll come away with a treasure of your own. Bon Chance!


Rara said...

guess what marc is going to do... it's probably even gonna be more about the fact that ysl collected it, than art itself...

Fluff Chance said...

You're damn right........

Anonymous said...

Top Lot, Les coucous, tapis bleu et rose, 1911 by Henri Matisse, sells for
€35.9 million / £31.9 million / $46.4 million, a world auction record for the artist
8 Works of art sell above €5 million
25 Works of art sell above €1 million
3 works pre-empted by museums (Musee d’Orsay – Centre Pompidou)
Paris – At tonight’s inaugural session of the sale of the Collection of Yves Saint Laurent and
Pierre BergĂ©, offered by Christie’s in association with Pierre BergĂ© & Associates auctioneers,
one of the most significant collections of Impressionist and Modern art in private hands today
fell under the hammer under the glass domed roof of the Grand Palais. In the presence of
over 1200 collectors from all over the world, 59 works of Impressionist and Modern Art sold for
a total of €206 million / £183 million / $266 million, a world record for a private collection
at auction and a record for the most valuable auction in Europe. The top lot of the evening
was Les coucous, tapis bleu et rose, 1911 by Henri Matisse, which sold for €35.9 million / £31.9
million / $46.4 million, the highest price ever achieved for a work by the artist at auction,
and 8 works of art sold for over €5 million. 25 works of art sold for over €1 million (24 lots
for over £1 million / 25 lots over $1 million). Buyer activity at the auction (by lot / by
origin) was 70% Europe and 30% Americas and 7 world records were set for artists at
auction, including Matisse, Brancusi, Mondrian, De Chirico, Duchamp, Klee and Ensor.

very exciting sale - go to christies.com to see it all

Fluff Chance said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you so much for sharing with me the amazing results of tonight's auction. I had to print it for others to read. It is mind boggling and at the same time very encouraging that there are still people out there with the desire to buy and possess beauty. That it comes through his eyes and hands and into theirs is so wonderful. His legacy will live on and on and on.