Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let's play TAG !

I saw this very funny video the other day and had to share it with you. It is so on target that it left me laughing so hard I cried. If you think hard on this you'll see that this is what it's come to. Pretending that it isn't just shows you what a victim you've become. It also says to me that we've pretty much circled the drain and the only way to go is up. I hope that that's true no matter how long it takes. I, for one, will not go down without a fight. So let's have some fun and play a rousing game of Tag. You're it!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ticked Off.


 Fashion is a bit sleepy these days with the Resort shows winding down, though they'll go on for still weeks to come, it's a slim news period. For that reason when things of interest or just the curious pop up they are that much more compelling. Like Jason Wu taking over Hugo Boss women's. A good match, I'd say. The clueless leading the rootless. His brand of ersatz glamor will dovetail perfectly with their penchant for retread Armani cast-offs with a twist of Prada. Oh the archness of flat-footed brilliance. Award night was a non event as well. Vera Wang as a Life Achievement honoree? Pro Schouler as a 5th time winner in 10 years? Thom Browne over Duckie Brown? Surely that was a typo.... Grim proceedings in my view. I almost prefer Marc Jacobs just for his sense of humor and showmanship alone..... Just puttin' it out there.

let's do this...
Now that summer is in full swing and the monsoon season is temporarily on hiatus, I've started to get back into the swing of running out here (East H). The deer population like the summer pilgrims are bigger and bolder than ever. It's impossible to go anywhere without dodging leaping deer or texting tourists who think nothing of walking straight into traffic. A moment in the lush undergrowth of the nearest woods leaves you covered in ticks and chiggers that are as unnerving to behold as they are to remove. I miss my run through the woods so I must stay along the roads and the beach just for the sake of my health.

the best of friends

Still it ticks me off. I'm lost in thought as I run and listening to music is too distacting.
One thing that came to mind was the interview last week on Charlie Rose with John Galliano. For those of you who saw it, were you as perplexed as I by the time it finally drew to a close? Did you have the feeling that his desire to "atone" was genuine or a scripted response to just about every "tough" question Charlie posed? Did it seem that Galliano was seeing the damning "video" in question for the very first time, considering that it so flustered him that it derailed his train of thought again and again? As much as I admire his talent, I couldn't help feeling manipulated and even preyed upon by his disingenuous attempts at sympathy and bathos. Was it me or could you hear the grinding wheels of the Conde Nast spin machine and the ever complicit Oscar de la Renta, egged on by his helpmate Annette Reed de la Renta. One could imagine Mr. de la Renta designing colostomy bags if Anna Wintour said,"do it". Did any of you read the oblique article by Cathy Horyn exhorting Galliano to "prove himself" to her and that if he were serious about a come back he should use his own dime to make that gesture mean something? Excuse me? When has a designer of note ever used his own dime? Even the designers of 1 note (or less) don't use their own dime. I saw it all as a trick question.

 Either way you squeeze that pimple it will swell and become angrier before it succumbs. Meanwhile, we the unwitting public are again left with a weeping sore, yet another feast for ticks and chiggers alike. For those of you who missed this incredible bit of soul baring television, I've included the link to the interview. Watch. Ponder. Discuss.

* click on picture or link to begin interview.