Thursday, March 27, 2008

CFDA Award Nominees! and the losers are..........

Just as I feared, a few lazy days on the beach on St. Barts, a little sun, a cat nap or 2 and some much deserved "attentions" and back to the nether netherland of NYC just in time for the CFDA Award Nominations!
To think that it should be all the same repeat offenders was almost too much....or another load of way too NOT ENOUGH. Thom, Proe/Schou, Marc, and yadda yadda yadda....
It's enough to make that last hair on my skinny behind shrivel up and drop off. The brooding expression ( the only face he shows to the camera) on Lazarro's face was so spooky. Almost like he knew that he most likely would lose. Smug self regard is so demode, but I'm so old and style -challenged, my opinion hardly counts.
Thom Browne as Menswear designer of the year is scary. If you check out how quickly his collection for Brooks Brothers is flying off the shelves and racks, not to mention zipping to a closet of your own by way of the INNERNET, you'll quickly see that exactly every thing down to the VERY LAST LOOK is 50% OFF. You do the numbers......I'm too tired to scratch my abacus, but looks a bit IFFY in my book. When you're HOT, seems like there should be a bit of HEAT. You know....a little SNAP, CRACKLE...POP. From over here, I just hear the passing of WIND. There's a slight odour of cattle as well , come to think of it.
Rodarte, the toothsome sister act, are taking some heat for buckling under to VOGUE'S SUGGESTION , of "Though Shalt Not EAT"! To the point of SEWING their mouths shut and supplying a trainer and daily meals passed under their cell doors, is really a statement too loaded to disect .These talented girls are willing to starve in hopes of winning that elusive prize, The Swarovski Best Fake Diamond/New Kid on the Block Award. More than anything they fear being banished from the pages of the BIBLE if they don't shape up. As far as the clothes GO...they don't really GO very far. Jackie Rogers still works satin faced ORGANZA with more skill and imagination. A plethora of RUFFLES does not a BEST NEW TALENT AWARDEE make. But who knows, stranger things have happened.
Francisco Costa is up for Best Women's for CK.He would be a great choice. Like the others, his stuff doesn't sell, but if it did perhaps my faith in a public with TASTE and DISCERNMENT would be renewed. He is a very smart and creative designer. One with a MESSAGE. More than that, he's a designer with TALENT. He DELIVERS!
Marc Jacobs is up for best Accessories and best Womenswear, but he is doing what he does season after season:RIFFS on his PAST and everyone elses' . A very loyal subject of the EMPEROR.
All the rest of the nominations are so tired,even more than me, that I'll just scamper over them as fast as I can. There's nothing more boring than being BORED:
-Carolina Herrera gets lifetime Achievment.....blah blah blah. Her ASSISTANTS should all be lined up and given individual awards. She would not exist for more than a season or two had it not been for the men and women who have done her job for her SEASON after SEASON.She just hands the dog to some poor slob to walk and takes her bow at the end of each show. The way she's dressed you'd almost MISTAKE her for someone who actually WORKS.
-Candy Pratts Price gets the Eugenia Sheppard Award for Journalism.....That's exactly 10 words too many for saying : CRONYISTICBULLSHIT. Google that one in wordsearch.........
- Fran Liebowitz is the Emcee. In the good old days she'd call a SPADE a SPADE and send them all running for cover, but one fears that her BESPOKE SMOKING will be on loan from LVMH's new house : Chez Emperor ! I'd venture to guess that some CAT will have gotten hold of her TONGUE.....

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