Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Halston: A cautionary tale.

Here we go again. Harvey Weinstein,Halston and his brilliant hacks have run down yet another designer,Marco Zanini. It's very sad that even someone from hollywood would commit the same heinous crime as all the other BIG BOYS here on seventh do when trying to give CPR to a dead or dying design house. They apply the defibrillator ,use a fraction of juice to do the job, they always keep an eagle eye on bottom line, they then forget to tell everyone to stand back and press the ZAP button. Everyone around gets burned .The design house trembles as though it's alive for a season or two then FLATLINES in the eyes of the owners. Instead of upping the voltage and keeping the life support going they FIRE the DESIGNER.
I really thought Harvey was more humane, a player with a fresh take on creative ventures and would stand by his choice of Zanini and say to hell with others' expectations.
A company with a hiatus like Halston has had needs time to crawl...stand...walk , then run. This whole process takes a few minutes not 2 nano seconds. Why doesn't anyone understand this? America and NYC in particular have become a graveyard for business, anything remotely connected to finance and it's poisoning the Arts and related businesses; FASHION being one of them.
Europe has managed to figure it out for the most part ,but these american design houses have the new MIDAS touch: whatever these guys touch turns to TRASH. If it was still breathing and had any lustre , and Halston still had it after so many debacles, they have done a very good job , by their actions to kill it. I'm not surprised at all but I am appalled that they would fire Zanini the moment his upcoming Spring2009 collection is complete and not yet on the runway.
It smacks of Ferre and Lars Nillson, the difference being Lars had 2 or 3 dresses ready when the curtain was to go up and was let go.
So that's the way it is now, easy come easy go . Faith, Patience,and a Conscience are so last year.
One and a half collections are the new career legacy.

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