Thursday, August 7, 2008

The way it is.

What would happen if all things current, popular and unquestioned were to suddenly go before a higher power? A celestial judge of sorts. What would get shaken up, wrung out or get a pass ? The culture as we live it in a world of sophistication has shifted like the tectonic plates that stand for solid ground. People have ceded all power to an elected body whose only concern is keeping power and sacrificing all else in the bargain. The media has taken charge. What is shown , written or stated is the new truth.

The idea of fashion has evolved to a science of branding. Gone are the days of creation and the publics' embrace or rejection of a new vision. Now we have a culture of propaganda which herds and drives the minds of people as to what has been approved . We're not free to choose in ways we used to. No room is left for choice with out the risk of exclusion. Exclusion means being out of step. No longer being seen. Standing and no longer being counted.

The value of design is only validated if it lands on the radar of the press . This body is very similar to that of the elected official. It's an organism that feeds on itself . Self sustaining and self referential. Something akin to a worm in sheep's clothing. It's impossible to cut off because it grows a new tail or in most cases just another head.

This question is asked as we are on the threshold of yet another season. It's collection time and the gears are churning, minds are reeling, imaginations are being mined for the next cycle of validation. Will efforts go rewarded and reflected back from the powers? Will the overarching be toyed with and as quickly forgotten? Maybe some new talent will be blessed and given a sip from the grail. Then again others will be looked over and looked through like glass , merely transparent.

This all is a fact of life. Unfortunate in some cases due to an uneven playing field, the ever shifting ground. You can't reverse the orbit of a planet. One can opt out and walk in another direction. Best is probably to consider your options and decide what's right for you and let go of the rest. Either way, that day comes and just as quickly goes. A false positive, mostly a false negative. Take heart, intrepid designers: time is the one constant that can not be ruled.

The story always has an ending. The circus never stays in town forever.

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