Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It's another day in this cold week. Then again it's not at all just another day. Today is special. We all have something to celebrate , think about, digest and in the end celebrate. We have a new president today. He's black, young, smart, charismatic, and he'll hopefully lead us out of this darkness that has obscured our hopes.

My mother has gone to Washington to witness this first hand. I will tune in on my computer at the studio. Emails and texts will fly back and forth. My faith and hope have been restored for now and I hope that we all have something to feel good and proud of. We can take pride in ourselves.

Fashion will just have to take a reluctant seat at the back of the bus. So much more is important.What we do and how we live is far more important than what she or we decide to wear. Today, we can focus on our souls and just keep our bodies warm.

It's another Tuesday, but it's the biggest Tuesday this country and the world has ever seen. Let's savor and enjoy it like it's the last.

Tomorrow will be Wednesday.

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