Sunday, January 11, 2009

Isaac Mizrahi is Liz Claiborne spelled backwards

Well Isaac is in the house! Let's get this party started. I can feel the pulsing bass, the smoke machine is pumping clouds into this too crowded space and we have yet another debut. A Deb ball of huge-ish proportions. The first collection by Isaac for Liz is unveiled!!!!!! It's everything that we hoped it would be: Fresh,Exciting,New, Modern and a completely new face for the battered company that used to rule the seas of American Retail. This collection is so hot it sizzles. What will amaze you and me is that it is PURE ISAAC MIZRAHI ALL OVER AGAIN. Only this time it has another label attached to it.

Isaac is uncharacteristically at a loss for words on this launch. He says the current economic "thing" is just the right time to split from Target and do a collection for the 35 year olds... These clothes answer all the needs of that perpetual 35-er and her lifestyle. She doesn't want to be brought down by this recession"thing"...she just wants snappy, now clothes and he's delivered them.

Some clean quirky graphic pieces with staid toppers and separates that go from here to there without so much as a "what should I wear?". It's all so RIGHT. So HOPEFUL. But in Isaac's world, the worst of times are actually the best of times. After all, this "thing" going on right now isn't something to get upset over. It's like life.

He's a fascinator.

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Mad Fashionista said...

Dahling, I never cared for his collection for Target. However, I loved him for saying, a year or two ago, "Fat Is The New Black." As a luscious plus sized diva, any lip service we larger fashionistas can get from the industry is deeply appreciated. I haven't seen his collection for Liz, but it certainly does not seem like a departure from what they've been cranking out for decades.

BTW, as the young folks say, love your commentaries over "On The Runway"!