Monday, May 27, 2013

I didn't run away. I left....just for a while.

the view from my balcony
Some invitations are just too good to pass up.I'm talking about an invitation that honors your experience, your ability to communicate coherently with others and not by means of Twitter. I'm talking about an invitation to visit as an Artist in Residence at a university in Qatar for 6 weeks and best of all, design students who value what ever pearls of wisdom you can share....some days a few and other days a truckload.
2 of my students
And then when it's almost all over you're the invited guest designer to show a collection in the big end of the year student fashion show at an amazing venue in the heart of downtown Doha for 3 nights in a row. Some of you might say," Meh". Or "Qatar?...too far". Well let me tell you it's the farthest thing from Meh and its closer than you think considering they have the front row seat before the world stage. In fact, their seats are on the stage. They are aware of everything going on around them and have the wherewith all to plug in, experience and buy it all.
Homage to Franz Kline in micro bugle beads

Every major designer has an outpost or 4 in that city that is the definition of the luxury mall. They even know all the little itsy-bitsy details of who does what where, even the latest updates and past stories found in blogs like mine.
Fluff Chance is better known there than me. Who knew? And for that reason I was invited repeatedly to TV interviews, radio talk shows and lots of press coverage. No one was more surprised than me. As much as I dreaded the time alone and so far away, it was just what the doctor ordered.

 a sweet moment
Each day spent with students articulating the science and craft of design, helping them find their way as they prepared for the jury selection of their work for the big show was more stimulating and challenging than I expected.
Marianna, my bride
Making a difference in their lives and sharing information that was never shared with me when I was starting out was a gift all around. Being around so much energy and enthusiasm was the polar opposite of NYC fashion, that old, bitter broken hag with a painted mouth that could be a smile or just a grimace.

In short, I had a blast. Its a fascinating place filled with the strange and the wonderful. Best of all, its exotic, mysterious and crazy rich. Its never a question of if, just when and how big. A young designer need only whisper that they want to stage a collection and the finest hotels, car manufacturers and corporations are rushing one to have the chance to sponsor it. No joke.
my wheels....not.
I was shocked. There's much more to the story, but I'll save that for later. Let's peek at Resort and see what's good, what's bad and what's hideous. The hideous is too easy so I will get serous and dig deep for what seems good to my eyes. I've missed you all more than you've missed me, I promise.




Mary Beth said...

Congratulations! and welcome home, glad to see your posts again

Anonymous said...

How very exciting...and Qatar is anything but "meh". Beyond insanely rich and eager for the most wonderful. $$$$$$ beyond our wildest imaginings, just hungry for luxurious places to spend them.

Good for you!


chris in sf said...

Muslim country with a desire for modernity. So... How did these two things mesh? How are these young designers reconciling these two seemingly-opposite forces? Are they coming up with a new vocabulary of their own? Fresh new ideas? Or more of the same, excess for the sake of excess (They seem to LOVE gold gilding and "grandeur"), embellishment on top of embellishment just because it's expensive, like many designers in the West seem to be doing...

Anonymous said...

I've missed you.

Hisham D. said...

I'm Really glad you enjoyed it, Reading this really put a smile on my face!. Glad to see that you're posting again. :D

annagamm said...

OMG I NEVER saw a RED RR! Leave it to you to educate us yet again! Thanks for your sharing....

Anonymous said...

These two posts were the much needed shot in the arm - thank you for sharing the energy.

Am so glad you're back wasn't the same without you!

Anonymous said...

Great Post!

Thanks for Sharing!

robert from SF said...

so glad you are back! sounds like such a rewarding and inspiring time- you had. so happy for you, being around the excitement of students, fresh and not yet discouraged by this cancer of banality that has infected the industry. can't wait to hear more! you always make me smile, even through a grimace :)