Saturday, June 14, 2008

blog, blog, blog......

what's in a blog?
Does one inform? comment? critique? or blog off steam? I'm looking around at what other fellow Bloggers have to say and trying to find the value in it. There's lots out there ,maybe too much . I like the intelligent ones that enlighten or ask us questions . I'm not that interested in the ones that just report, gossip on subjects, or just write to hear themselves writing. When I was a kitty , I prowled around a well known school for writing. I was too lazy to take the intro courses in English in order to move on to the writing classes so I did the logical thing and switched disciplines. Art seemed easy enough. First history then fine arts. We didn't write about it, about artists or philosophize on it...we did it. Blogging now strikes me as the same sort of thing. I like it when a blogger talks /writes about what they do, what they know and not to sit back and make specious judgement calls on what they read, hear or just think about. I'm always asking "where's the beef?" I want to be challenged, enlightened or amused. I don't want to be bored or worse yet, very bored. Fashion, society and the culture surrounding it is by nature, inherently thin. Like making a meal of a half eaten saltine. Nibble and there can be some memorable specks , take a big bite and you're left starving. One needs to deliver a box, preferably unopened and not yet stale. What I see alot of from the well informed and studious fashion blogger is reportage of a rarefied sort. Not easily digestible if you're not chummy with Karl, Galliano ,Marc or the couture contingency inParis. It's all very interesting to know the workings of a couture house, it's many layers and it's oh so hush hush clientele. In the end it feels like a Mara-Lago member naming names and intimating his/her/its place in the hierarchy. This is another tiresome example of the exclusionary laws of fashion , society or high dudgeon. I get agitated and switch channels for Housewives of Orange County. Never housewives of New York City. That sort of low comedy doesn't even register on the Bottom Feeder scale. Which reminds me. I saw the ersatz Countess de Lessepps at a popular restaurant literally impose herself on a table of impressionable men and hold court for the next 2 hours. I never saw one of those boys open his mouth, except to guzzle another mouthful of a Cosmo....a drink way past it's prime as is She. I kept thinking , it's friday night, she's got a few kids and let's not forget the Count sitting all alone in that big staff infested summer "cottage", wondering where's Mommy. and she's here hijacking a table of strangers, talking about a regrettable show that's was over before it started. That kind of junk writing is what I don't want to read. But there you have it.
When i ask friends ( I can count 1 or 2 on a good day) what they want from a blog, they say they want to be amused and learn something they didn't already know. Get the inside scoop, as it were. They want to have a good giggle and come away more knowledgeable than when they started. I want shared information. I want to be given a seat at the table. I'd like a taste of the meal and not to scramble for a crumb that's squished under foot. An opinion can go a long way. You like it, disagree with it or are challenged by it. An observation ,like the lens of a camera just gives you a look. It's this or that. My shrink says my big little issue is that I was never really heard as a child by my parents, so I write in an attempt to be heard. I like to say what other people only dare to think. To find kindred spirits, but also to call it as I see it, complete with a keen assessment. So my bits of this and that on fashion designers, fashion flaks, fashion faux-inistas, are just my way of saying what I feel, to shed some light through the noxious smoke screen of this business and help others who have the same questions to have them answered or at best addressed by someone actually involved in this business. There is nothing more unsatisfying than an armchair specialist or a sunday painter of this layered Night Gallery called Fashion and the World of Style. I have more to say on this, my reasons for starting to BLOG and will touch on it more later. The day is too beautiful, and unbeknownst to many, cats like to swim. Especially in a fabulously designed pool tucked away in an intimate and luxe private hideaway. LATER. Fluff


Anonymous said...

I've read through all of your entries today and thoroughly subscribe to your aim with the blog and hope that you continue and post more frequently between swims, naps, whatever cats do. I found you through your link on Cathy Horyn's blog comments, so at least that comment section is good for something, rarefied as it is!

Fluff Chance said...

dear you, When I came across your comment it restored my faith in this effort. Someone, YOU, appreciate and understand my mission. Thank you. I wish I knew you. Fluff