Monday, June 2, 2008

from black to white. Yves Saint Laurent

I never presume to speak for everyone. I can only speak for myself and hope that there are some people who are in agreement. The life of Yves Saint Laurent was not that different from anyone else's except that he changed most every ones who knew him, knew of him or have only just been introduced to him in the last 12 hours. He was a man who gave his life to his muse. That muse was beauty in all of it's shapes and colors; glorious and terrible. His journey is a long and fabled one which began in obscurity and now rests at the center of this culture's collective consciousness. A fashion designer creates for very few people for a fraction of time . He created for a world of people and has left his mark for centuries to come. The gift that he gave was weighted in joy and a crushing pain but was profound in its size. To list all its parts would be as futile as trying to count the facets of a rare and almost perfect gem. All that matters is its refraction of light, depth of color and clarity. We are so lucky to have lived during his time . Others will be fortunate to learn of his prolific talent and influence long after we have gone. If black is the color of all colors combined and white is the total absence of color, then the world turned white on the evening of June 1, 2008 with his passing. Yves Saint Laurent was every color in the spectrum.

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