Sunday, June 1, 2008

summer madness

Every summer there's a new LOOK that every girl (thankfully, not everyone) adopts. In the past it was big belly pleated, pseudo-tennis miniskirts with a flimsy, machine made, lace trimmed tank top. The skirt is worn low and the top is worn too short so a nice overly well fed GUT can hang over the front and sides. Remember that one? Still wake up in the night screaming when it enters your dream or presses up against you at Popeye's?
There were the platform flip flops and the just plain old crappy ones on filthy city scum covered feet. The multi-colored toe nail polish always added a well needed dash of color to stubbed toes, bunions or my favorite: a combination of all of the above with a couple of hammer toes tossed in for interest. CROCS took up the mantle shortly after. I think that is about 7 too many words spent on that UBER-trend. I did have the pleasure of meeting the CREATEURS of said shoe. They are a fascinating couple. Very charming and clever husband, totally shocked to this day at their success and his some what brittle wife, who has used them as her platform to scale the social heights of a tiny southern city . So far so good, everyone asks her how they can get a pair CHEAP at most dinner and cocktail parties she throws most nights of most weeks....... I was invited to one and you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting someone with a pair on or a gift bag with the latest camouflage colored pair peaking out. God love her......
This summer's disturbing new trend which looks like an amalgam of a couple of old ones that have cross pollinated is the" Humble Printed Shapeless Cotton House Dress CUM Shift over Black Stretch tights that end at the Calf. I can't imagine the benefits beyond getting dressed in the morning takes 2 minutes. you pull on your knee length panties and toss on a house dress. When NYC starts to heat up, and it will, there must be some overheated lower halves that can't be sanitary. Go to yoga in this or go to day care but don't go to town. I will say it's perfect for a tween or a an expectant mother , but beyond that it's a cheap alternative to getting dressed. Economics aside, it's a remedy that exacerbates the sickness. Wear the dress with your crocs or flops and leave the tights for all the starving ballet dancers. God knows they need something to cover themselves.
The coolest summer trend that never dies and always looks great is a nice big warm smile.That tends to work for everyone.
If I missed a glaring STYLE DON'T, let me know. This kitty loves to learn new tricks. It gets lonely out here.....the pressure is crushing and I'm always chilly.

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Anonymous said...

Just back from London and I'm sad to say, that black thigh-length stretchy short sub-dress trend is going gangbusters there as well, all hours of the day. It reminds me of school uniform days when we wore them under our plaids. Not attractive, not even comfortable in hot weather.