Friday, November 21, 2008


I recently received an email from a friend which struck me as rather questionable, yet hilarious.It was a picture of a woman in an Angel's outfit. The message was basically that Heaven didn't want her so they sent her to my friend and he wasn't sure he wanted her and was sending her on to me. I was instructed NOT to return her to the sender.

It was all a joke but it got me thinking about things, life, work and how we all get through it...or don't. I'm not a religious or terribly spiritual cat, but I have certain things I believe to be so and one is the presence of something out there that is greater than me. Now ,is it God or Buddha or a flock of Angels or what? I don't know, but I feel there is something there. I also believe that we're all watched over despite good and difficult situations that befall us. Life can't be explained or controlled. Life happens and we're here for a stretch of time to participate in the whole experience.

Now , whether it's individuals that are there for us or just one, we're covered. It seemed so ironic to get this particular Angel because she is the antithesis of the woman I have in mind in my work. In fashion , she is not really someone I would call my client, but I would bet she's still somehow my special Angel. I don't pretend to think or say I've ever seen one, but one hears of sightings all the time. Usually, these take place in remote locales , but what is more remote than a grungy city street outside a bar? For the same token one never chooses who or what in this very sacred category. My idea would be a wildly elegant spirit with every detail a perfect piece to a divine puzzle. If my Angel is this one, I would have to say all of the pieces do in fact fit. They just aren't the divine pieces to the puzzle I would have imagined. That's what's so confounding and yet so perfect.

My life's work is about creating an ideal of utter balance, mystery and allure. It's a journey that never ends and one that has everything to do with a honing and dogged refining of ideas to mine my way to an essential glamour. Nothing more and nothing less. Some of you may think this a misogynistic image that I share with you, but that is the farthest thing from my intention. So please don't turn your minds off to what I'm trying to articulate. If this a statement about fashion or taste it is also a statement about our own validity as people with something special to contribute in this life. If my Angel is this one, I'm thrilled that I have someone looking out for me and helping me through this life I've chosen. She keeps me honest. Most importantly she keeps me inspired.

My Angel encourages me to do the hardest thing of all: She keeps me going. Keep your eyes open at all times, you may just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of yours. When you do, say "Thank You" and mean it!

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