Saturday, November 8, 2008


The definition of a rumor is a lie, gossip or half truth parading as fact. Many are false ,many result in the truth. Many are a combination of both. Being the subject of rumor isn't always pleasant , but it makes for interesting weekend reading, n'est-ce pas? So here are a few that are in fact true, others that remain to be seen and yet a couple more which are any ones' guess.

Todd Oldhams' contract as Design director at Old Navy has not been renewed : termination.

Patrick Robinson will again not make it through to the end of his contract as Design director at Old Navy.

Badgley Mischka Collection is a loss leader at Iconix Brand. The divisions for sportswear, jewelry and shoes are being eliminated. The freestanding store in L.A. is in question as is the New York Flagship ,which was in the planning stages.

Dolce and Gabanna are in trouble financially. They've shuttered their swanky Fifth Ave. showroom, let go the U.S. ceo and are not replacing that post. The new showroom will be decidedly less smart downtown in the land of SoWhat.

J.Mendel is also on the brink of collapse. Susan Sokol has been hired to save the ship, but the whole design studio save 1 or 2 people have all been let go. The spring collection was a clear indication all was not well. No runway show, few styles and sad ones at that. Susan Sokol is generally the advance person for the Grim Reaper.

Ralph Rucci is essentially broke, again. Too much of a good/same thing.

Kimorra Lee Simmons and Baby Phat are a House of Cards. Fabulosity is headed for Foreclosure

Andre Leon Talley is no longer the Court Favorite, or Jester for that matter. Is he headed to the Tower?

A foreign Editor of Vogue is starting to threaten the position of another Editor of Vogue. Advertising pages have dropped off steadily. Top Brass are questioning her tenure.

Liz Claiborne Co. is headed south. Desperate measures have been taken , but the Miziah is a false idol.

I'm not a cat, just your basic junk yard dog. At the same time when I see a tasty looking bone, I'm going to bite it and chew away.


Anonymous said...

Kimora Lee - Ha Ha Ha!

The Stylefaxer - From the outside, I've always had a tough time judging his relevance and influence, other than among men who like capes, and celebrity fawners. Wrote a charming book about his Grandma, though, so maybe he can spend more time arranging her glove collection.

D&G - Ironic that Fall 2008 was the first and only collection of theirs I ever liked. Relatively speaking.

Thumbing through the Nov. Bazaar and seeing mostly crappy jewelry ads bracketed by Macy's-type brands like Jones New York and Lauren RL, plus the Vogue rumor, you have to wonder for whom the bells might toll among women's fashion mags.

Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Anonymous said...

What would life look like w/o rumors?
They are as important as an Amex Black once you decide to go inside Balenciaga.
Cheers Fluff!!