Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thom (Thumb) Browne

Well it looks like there's a tremor under the ivory tower known as the House of Thom Browne. Persistent rumors of an empty bank account, buyers less and less interested in the collection and investors not lining up . Well, welcome to the real world. People , even sissy men who like trench coats lined in layers of tutu tulle draw the line sooner or later. Personally, I was starting to worry there was no limit to the ridiculousness of these clothes.
He vehemently denies any trouble on the horizon . This is the stock response when you are a super star no longer in touch with reality. You deny the fact that your aesthetic and business model are completely out of synch with reality. I don't wish ill on even the most deluded but why not wake up and start smelling the stench which are businesses strewn down 7th Avenue. I would rather be in than out.


Anonymous said...

Nothing gets my husband laughing like a look through a Thom Browne runway show. Though he didn't find the tie-up with Brooks very funny.

So it's hard for me to be sympathetic to a person whose viewpoint never merited the acclaim it received, but if there is a small clientele who clamour after his stuff, I wish him well.

By the way, nice review of the Europe shows, Fluff. Have you seen the Valentino documentary?

Eric said...

I was in the city last weekend and TB was standing next to us, hailing a taxi on W 8th and Jane. Of course he was decked out in the full look -- a grown man sausaged into a shrunken boy's suit with sneakers and Peter Pan hair. Utterly absurd, like an unfunny joke before the fall. I'd flounce around in Galliano any day before that. Brooks' shame -- why not Bastian?

Fluff Chance said...

Eric, I have seen the same thing and it is baffling. I wrote another shorty bit on him March 2nd a year ago. If you're curious , just go back through older posts to that one. you may enjoy it. Thanks, Fluff.
I loved the Eyes of Laura Mars, was obsessed with Margaux Hemingway and still have the soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Tom Browne's all about the same ol' hooey. He hasn't evolved this look or moved past being simply bizarre. Even the fashion world has a tolerance point and he's seemed to reach it.


Fluff Chance said...

What I don't get is what took them so ******* long?

SB said...

I remember once upon a time when Thom Browne was an exciting new talent on the menswear scene- five years ago. When Bergdorf started carrying his stuff I was totally disillusioned- instead of cool skinny suits in a new proportion, I saw weird looking pants and jackets in what I recall was banana yellow. Granted I have a narrow vision of what I want to see men wearing, but this was plain ridic. What a disappointment!

Aaron said...

Er, stick to Walmart, and leave Thom Browne to those of who get it. You clearly left your SOH behind, and besides - he's not designing for plebs in the burbs.