Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is Tweet Twaddle.............

I got this yesterday....

I wanna go to Michael's funeral. I had a couple of Jermaine's numbers, one a fax (310-555-1234) and the other is changed. Joe obviously is not answering the phone in Vegas because at the family home in Encino, Calif. on Hayvenhurst. Can you help or pass my number along?
I'm still waiting to be approved for media creds, but that's for the memorial.


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What's the past tense of Tweet? Is is Twat? Whatever it is, this message I should have Twat , had I been versed in the art of the Tweet. I find it absolutely hilarious. Not the fact of Michael Jackson's death , but that someone out there thinks that I am so well connected to the rich and infamous that I would have the # to the kitchen counter phone at Neverland and hook this person up with an invitation to Michael's funeral and /or press passes for any and all events pertaining to the Jacksons . Jermaine, Tito, and LaToya and I haven't crossed paths in a long time...come to think of it, never. Cindy's need to connect with the Family and share in the world's grief was poignant, but her idea that I had the inside track was totally unexpected. Maybe I should have. Does this make me just another un cool, unconnected plebe? I guess so.
More than anything , I pray she gets those numbers and the press passes. Just think about it:
Jermaine's fax isn't working...Joe(Daddy) isn't answering in Vegas or in Beverly Hills and Neverland isn't taking calls......The clock is ticking and I'm getting worried for Cindy.

This was a long winded Tweet. Consider yourselves Twatted!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't feel too bad that you couldn't help Cindy out. I just read this on the NY Times:

"The Web site to register for the [MJ Funeral Service] lottery for the tickets received 500 million hits within the first hour last week. Over the weekend, 1.6 million people registered online for tickets."


Christa Weil said...

I believe the past tense of "Tweet" is "you picked up the effing phone".

But I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Comedic gold.

Jessie B. R. said...

Perhaps Cindy mistook Micheal's memorial for an early LA Fashion Week and thought you'd hold an extra ticket.

TheShoeGirl said...


great post!