Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cruising with Karl !

Lagerfeld, the master of the understatement has just produced a short film, "Remember Now" that introduces his new Chanel Cruise 2011 Collection which debuted today in Sant Tropez. I bet the weather is better there than here in deep, dark Brooklyn Heights. It did add some sunshine and not just a little heat to my day. Take a look at this. The credits introduce the players, most of whom you'll recognize. What I love most about this film is that it suggests such a cool easy and exciting way to approach life. It's not fashion as much as it is a certain brand of STYLE. I want style to flood the streets, I'm a little tired of banal, predictable fashion. That's a game anyone can play with a dollar or 2. Style is a high stakes gamble where only the most clever can succeed. Let's set our standards higher and try harder. The Style glass is always half full!


madeleine said...

Agreed ... but that is Karl. From those early shockers (I know, what ?????) of Frye boots with Chloe gowns one season and white Keds the next ...

His only faux pas, I think, was becoming addicted to Diet Coke.

Style ... yes.

Anonymous said...

sorry but my reaction to that film is "the horror!" quelle banalité it makes one appreciate bruce weber, even. very disappointing cause I think of myself as adoring Karl but his vision comes across a lot more convincingly in stills and in frocks

hughman said...

"Age makes you voyeuristic."

oh karl, you tease, making a bio-flick so late. these model's and their "acting" make cindy crawford in "fair game" look like meryl streep. am i wrong for feeling smug there's one thing karl isn't perfect at?

and the clothes? what clothes?

Casey said...

I agree. It was not a good film and you couldn't see the clothes.

Anonymous said...

The worst eurotrash film ever....They have lost their mind ! When Jacques Helleu was artistic Director in charge of advertising, it was Chanel style first, the brand, the name, not the models, not the cars, not the Trash that Karl is peddling these days. RETIRE KARL !
Take your boys and retire......

Parisbreakfasts said...

Mindless tripe IMHO
An old cadaverous dog wanders down memorie lane
What young thing would throw herself at this tired old lizard?
what a nerve for KL to say the script is all up in his head...like this was a movie?
Emperor's New clothes!
coupe la tĂȘte!