Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm a back slider. It's one of many of my faults, but it's near the top of my list. I keep meaning to finish my personal reviews of the New York Spring collections, but I'm so glad it's over ,I can't seem to finish the task.

I have some things to say about Ralph Lauren, mainly that it's a venerable, old, all American house that makes great clothes; perfectly. Beyond that there is never anything about it that is earth shattering. It's nice. That says a lot, when you consider that NICE is in very short supply.

Also Donna did a beautiful collection: very draped and organic. The clothes done in unreal neutral colors, looked like they were conceived in nature.Donna does it best. Truly beautiful.
Cool. Very Zen-ish. Makes one want to buy it up and head to the nearest Ashram. The Right one, of course.

I was thinking of Zac Posen and then stopped thinking about him. I was also wondering about the absence of Kimora's Baby Phat, only to stop wondering, feeling a certain degree of "who gives a ...."?

Didn't weigh in on Marc either. Why , when everyone thinks he's the second coming? I just think he's looking more like Galliano in his person and the clothes are just a stew. His interview after the show was delivered in a very distracted and careless tone. Is that battle fatigue? Or is it the new sober? That goes for Marc by Marc.

Miguel Adrover .That's probably 2 words too many.

What's with all the JUMPSUITS?How is it I didn't see that coming? Were my ears being irrigated when that news flash hit the airwaves, the street, the press, the Zeitgeist monitor?

Who knew? Who cares?

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