Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin, Role Model for family values...Republican Style

With the happy announcement in the NewYork Times LABOR DAY issue, we are all atwitter with Governor Palins' first major fashion hurdle as the VP nominee . What to wear to your 17 year old PREGNANT daughter's upcoming WEDDING?

I suggest something in mauve with as little decoration as possible. No need to go over the top when your daughter has managed to get pregnant outside of wedlock at 17, some could consider it a bit early and a little naughty considering her righteous and fire and brimstone spouting mother.

Under the circumstances , I think something from Chez Humilite' would be just the ticket. The fewer the cameras, news stations, fellow politicos , the better. For GOD'S sake leave McCain and Cindy off the guest list. This should be a hallowed occasion en famille. No Champagne,(the kids aren't old enough to drink) perhaps Red Bull and Twinkies!

Throwing Rice Krispies is in order. Sarah might go a step further and invest in a hat,perhaps a ski cap that covers her whole head and BIG DARK SHADES.

I for one hope she doesn't decide to sell the photos to People or the STAR, no matter how much money her campaign will now need. I can't see it helping. This sacred occasion is best kept between them and their parish priest......if he's still in town.

Life's surprises are what keep it so darn interesting.

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