Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's only a DRESS........

First off, We have a new President and his name is President- Elect Barack Obama!
I for one am extremely happy and relieved. This is so much greater than just an historic moment. It's America's chance to regain it's dignity, humility, honor and respectability. It's also the absolute definition and personification of that idea of CHANGE. I'm heartened and encouraged that perhaps we don't have to go down in flames after all. This cat has had at least 7 or 8 lives, but if this is my 9th, it will be one of the sweetest!

Those of us who are working stiffs,whether successful ones or less so, have been tossed around like ping pong balls for so long now, we've forgotten what it's like to enjoy a quiet , still moment. The possibility to relax one's mind and body is so foreign that it felt like something from childhood. The night of the election my mate and I had some of our closest friends over to watch the unfolding of history being made. We got a little crazy and decided sunday at Costco, history might unfold a little more dramatically in high definition on a 52" screen. So what the hell ,we crammed it into the car ( I lay on top of the box because I wasn't walking back to the city) and brought the monster home. Presumption led me to choose a menu decidedly 'SOULFUL'. That means: fried chicken,barbecued chicken, ribs,greens and enough Veuve Cliquot to serve everyone at Chicago's Grant Park.

The energy in NYC all day, from the polling centers to the subway and streets of midtown was surreal. When we all converged at the apartment it was a veritable United Nations. From my German boyfriend another German and A Swiss , to a Lebanese, Jamaican, Martinquean,New Zealander and 2 of us who are Americans, it was a world wide audience. The jokes and comments were flying with every ones own particular take on the country, the McCainPalin pas de deux, and the hopes and fears for our future. It was hard for me to sit still and just watch the returns, so I stayed busy bringing in and out food and bubbly . My faith was sound but my nerves were shot. All I could think about was if things didn't go the right way, the horror of what 9/11 did to our lives ,businesses/jobs, sense of security inside and out ,and the present nightmare with it's ground hog day effect might just brake my flagging optimism. So I kept moving.

When the west coast states closed their polls and in a matter of seconds Obama was over the top with electoral college votes and named President -Elect, you could feel the earth rumble. Maybe it was the subway, but I choose to see it as a major ground shift. Such an incredible moment. Guys were crying and holding each other, hugs and kisses were flying all over the room and a new day had dawned at 11p.m. at night.

My mother called, who had worked the polls in my hometown from 6a.m. til 9p.m. at 78 years old. She was in tears telling me how happy and proud she was. She wished that my grandparents had lived long enough to see a country that had discriminated against them and my parents and me for that matter, finally turn around and pay a man of color the highest honor, and vote him into the highest office. I felt so incredibly good inside and so much love and respect for my parents and Grand parents who sacrificed so much for me and so many others like me. Watching the crowd in Chicago and seeing Oprah and Jesse Jackson and so many people in tears made me realize just how momentous this is. Even Andre Leon Talley stood there in the crowd . There was no V.I.P. section. Everyone stood together. Like it should be. Americans first....celebs second.
The concession speech was impressive and filled with good will and humility. Fortunately, Ms. Palin was mute. Cindy McCain was very beautiful in what could only have been Oscar de la Renta. That woman has taste and great style and the bucks to pull it off. Still, that suit was perfection.

When President Obama and his family came out to greet the masses it was an electric moment.
We all have waited so loooong for this election to happen and it was finally over. The First Family looked so real and so natural and happy. It was mind boggling how cool they all were in view of the reality that was that moment. All eyes were on Michelle Obama and her dress. Comments were ricocheting off the walls as to what she was wearing. No one knew. It was puzzling in it's unusual detail. My feeling is very personal. People make choices to please themselves except for those with stylists and handlers. I knew there would be an uproar but SO WHAT.....Actually, I was amused and thrilled that it obviously wasn't Oscar, the GO-TO GUY for every political maven for the last 3 administrations.

It appears that Narciso Rodriguez was the lucky guy. I'm happy for him, I'm glad Michelle Obama, our new First Lady, exercises her free will in her choices in fashion and the press and armchair experts should take a chill pill and get over themselves.

Like it or not, for God's sake......IT'S ONLY A DRESS.

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Anonymous said...

Michelle could have worn a sack and she would have looked great. Jill Biden was not in the most winning suit but she looked great. Bierbaronness Cindy McCain looked fab in, once again, a daring color; surely happy that she won't have to release her tax returns now.

Just such a tremendously moving occasion, especially from here in the deep dark bloody red state of Kansas where there is never much cause for glee on election days.