Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

a Valentine vers /e
in terza rima
Cupid faced our monetary mess:
a free-fall market and a limp libido.
He tried his tricks: a trickle-down caress,

a plunging neckline Dow, a tiny Speedo,
Botox lips and massive liposuction,
jetting bankers to the sunny Lido,

breast enhancement or a rate reduction.
Nothing worked, not even little pills,
the purple kind, whose chilling, grim instruction

warns us that prolonged tumescence kills.
Four hours are the limit. Such is sex
these days, the body's punch-clock sends out bills

for too much pleasure. Time-accounting wrecks
the fun that primed and pumped up wealthy Cupid.
Is there some way to purge this Wall Street hex?

Something silly, comical, and stupid?
Something that the GOP would do?
That's it! A dance revival starring Cupid!

His band, The New Erotics, like the Goo
Goo Dolls, will tour from Vegas out to Frisco.
Forget the Boss, Cobain, and Motley Crue.

Our loverboy is resurrecting DISCO!
Stayin' Alive with mirrored, spinning balls,
and moves so smooth they seem like liquid Crisco.

Wrap-up Rap and Rock. Travolta calls!
Amor vincit omnia! It's clear.
Bell-bottoms reappear on guys and dolls.

So once again St. Valentine's is here!

love, RR
February 2009

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