Sunday, February 8, 2009

what I love about Sunday morning

I wake up a little early and jump on my Mac to go for a spin. My morning exercise. Before I get far , assuming I've slept in and it's 10:30, I hear a stirring upstairs. I start writing or reading a bit faster because the beast is stirring. This is my cue to head for the coffee maker and whip up a nice strong Latte with Half and Half and 2 Splendas. The footsteps overhead are starting to shuffle at a slightly quicker pace. This can only mean one thing: the door will open and the day will assume it's new shape. What was me and my Mac will shift to WE. Like every morning for as long as I can remember I'll hear,"Guten Tag". A big sleepy smile from my lanky sleepy mate will shine down from above . The New York Times rests on the gravel at the foot of the driveway. One or the other of us will stumble down to grab it . The coffees are nice and warm, the day is ours to do with as we please. If nothing gets done and we just lounge around , it's one of the most satisfying days of the week.
Enjoy it, I will too.

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