Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Season in search of a theme...or a sign of life.

As hard as I search , I can't find one. Have never seen a series of shows that are so ,literally and physically ,all over the place. Not in a good way either......I will have to just take one patient at a time and check for vital signs. Don't think I'm not trying or not caring, just searching for a pulse.


Anonymous said...

I would have thought, with the bad economy and all, that designers would have focused on good daywear that people would be likely to buy because you do still need to look nice and current at work (to save your job, maybe?), even if you live in "hobo" on evenings and weekends.

So I have no idea what to think about the Marc Jacobs show of yesterday, except that I doubt people are clamoring to wear neon at work. In the fall. Nor do they want animal-print mishmash like at DVF. Maybe not even the somber-fest from Herrera and Karan.

There are a few pretty evening pieces here and there, but one will need to apply one's stock-picking skills to the Fall '09 collections. No segment of this market is a sure bet.

my empty closet said...

i agree. it's all a bit confusing. i haven`t been able to get really excited about any one show until rodarte! but themes are like trends, and in this day and age i think we may have crossed over into new terrain with both. things are increasingly difficult to define and i wouldn't expect them be any more strictly defined because of the economy. just the opposite. i suppose what i'm saying is that everyone seems scared the people won't inveset in clothes the way they used to, and ritefully so, therefore the more options consumers i given, the more chance they'll like something, anything (!!) and they'll drop the cash on it.