Saturday, February 13, 2010

Duckie Brown Fall 2010

There's something subversive about these guys. The surface is somehow misleading in that you think it's just fashion; just a Sartorialist-ish riff on self conscious style. But there's a subtext that is more subtle and insidious. Duckie Brown gives you the goods and the permission to express yourself through their clothes in a very cool and provocative way.

The fabrics suggested a Highland fling with some pole tossing thrown in for good measure. The models sported very short hair cuts that bordered on naughty, ambisexual bad asses. The androgyny coupled with aggression created a tension that the clothes only heightened. Black Watch and Stewart plaids all mixed and matched in coats, suits, shirts and ties. Nubby tweeds cut in double breasted jackets, golfing jackets and pants created a veritable Cock-a-Leekie Stew. The trousers were all cropped with laced up sleek , pointed army boots. Very skin-head as Aesthete. These guys are so sexy, sleek and just a little unpredictable. That's what keeps me coming back to Daniel and Steven's Collection....that element of surprise.

Red, again , played the role of accent color. A beautifully cut Spencer coat, a bad boy bomber, and one pair of perfect fiery pants. Plaids matching and opposing, tweeds mixed in for texture and waxed cotton abbreviated Macintosh jackets in jet and yellow, all worked giving guys a road map to sartorial splendor. What I particularly loved was the simplicity of the message. Nothing looked freakish or forced.Peaked caps with visors and thick, rich Alpaca sweaters tied like scarves around the neck were the finishing touches.

I see this collection as a one stop shop to add key pieces to things already in your closet or a collection that answers all your needs.

Like last season, Duckie Brown looked to me like the Go-To guys. Whether you're conservative or walking that fine line you'll look and feel like a force to be reckoned with.

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Unknown said...

I like this look. I'll have to steal a few when I make it to town in a few...