Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're All April Fools!

Happy April Fool's Day. It's warming up and I've escaped the city for a romp in the woods chasing an ever growing flock of wild turkeys. A few flocks numbering between 75 and 100 birds have decided our property is the park of choice. Kenny Sr. who keeps an eye on the place when we're in town discovered them one afternoon filling the back yard that's surrounded by a 10 ft. deer fence. Who knew wild turkeys could fly so high. He told me that they like to hang out in the yard in the afternoon and roost in the trees at night. I was a little horrified at this because these guys are not only big, they're huge and they have an unpleasant habit of depositing their meals all over the deck and lawn. I thought we were under siege by a marauding pack of lap dogs. Kenny set me straight, though. It's not dog doo but BIG bird BM that I've been cleaning up for weeks. They are pretty in a very primeval sort of way. I like watching them, even chasing them because they just run away....all 50 of them at a time. Anyway, it's their hideaway, too. i just envy that they can hang here all the time and I'm limited to weekends. They must have splurged and bought the deluxe time share package. You always get what you pay for!

I did something the other day that was a little off my beaten path. I wrote a guest blog for a cool store out on Long Island called, Hirshleifers. I've written a series of pieces on things I love about fashion that they seem to love as well. The first one on SHOES is up today. Perhaps you'd take a look and see what you think. Their audience is a bit shy when it comes to commenting, so comment away if you would, so that others see that that is the fun of a blog; to invite and encourage a dialogue. So thanks for the visit. All of this is fact including the turkeys and not some lame April Fools trick. I'll think of something along those lines later today. Have a good one.

xo, Fluff and Eric


NancyDaQ said...

Love the LOL Cat, so true...

Parisbreakfasts said...

Don't you think it's time you joined the National Wild Turkey Federation?
Can we place our orders now or should we wait for November?

Fluff Chance said...

I am taking orders now. As they are free-range and from the luxurious woods of toney East Hampton they are
$1500 for males and $1650 for females. They are delivered live and it's your task and pleasure to decide to keep them as pets or decide to let them loose in your yard. Either way, it's time they moved out of mine.

hughman said...

too bad there weren't wild pigs around for a nice easter ham.