Saturday, June 19, 2010

Adam Resort 2011

ADAM by Adam Lippes' Resort 2011 collection is a group of interesting pieces. They're at best luxurious sportswear to be mixed into your wardrobe . They undoubtedly will beef up what one already has, if not get ones wardrobe started on the right note. He has a great eye and obviously discerning taste. Clearly, he knows the difference between good and great. I liked his Fall collection very much. There was so much that was unique and directional, even if there were hints of Phoebe Philo and Jil Sander, the references were excellent . The quality of his work was totally apparent and made me think that this collection was headed for the attention of important press and buyers. It helps that he has a beautiful shop downtown that presents his view in a complete way. It's always a pity when retailers cherry pick from collections giving the consumer a skewed vision of what it's about.
Where I saw so much that was great in Fall, this Resort was surprisingly tame. Perhaps he just felt that it wasn't a season to put a big effort into, but it seemed surprisingly devoid of must have looks. I like the leather shorts along with a great inky blue sweater with bold horizontal lines. The trench is smart as is a languid long dress in cream; very urban/beachy and something perfect to throw on with little fanfare or prep. My favorite piece is a strapless column in red silk crepe with a single deep pleat running down one side of the front. It reminds me so much of another column that I saw a couple of years ago, but for the life of me I can't remember who made it. That's not important as so much in fashion is drawn from the same well. It's the way a designer chooses to express the idea that matters and I like this interpretation. I look forward to spring to see what he has planned. I do hope that he pushes the envelope a bit more than this collection, or pushes the creative force behind the label.

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Was that column urs???