Sunday, April 6, 2008

In the Darkness of Uncertainty we must follow our Beacons of Light and Grace

A day of beauty is something every girl should make a priority. I'll never forget the day I was leaving the Pierre after watching an absolutely SUBLIME collection of Bill Blass(the real one...the one with talent and a message) and just in front of me was Nina Griscom and a 'girlfriend' tete a tete-ing on the way out. They were discussing the heaviness, the burden of their schedule that day. Blass, then Carolina Herrera ,Oscar de la Fabulous,ending with Valentino( a rare New York appearance). Their couture Knickers were in a very chic TWIST , what with a back breaking list of OBLIGATIONS. So Nina says "maybe we should skip lunch at Le Grenouille and scoot over to Kenneth instead. He'll order up something yummy and we can have a manicure and comb-out! "I have to say the brilliance of her speeding bullet BRAIN, not to mention her DEAD ON solution to a situation that would have left most of us STYMIED and rooted in our Delman Dorsays to that very spot. She went on to say" You know sometimes you just have to make time for yourself ".
Well I almost did a cheer from the days when I was a cheer leader at prep school. This GIRL had it all, and had it ALL TOGETHER. She laid it out like the GOSPEL according to 10021.

I learned something from her that I've carried in my heart ever since. We absolutely must follow the example of our sisters of the Fashion Firmament. They see the light and make a B-LINE for it every time. We may be blinded but these girls aren't.Thank Jesus,Mary, Anna and God. Not necessarily in that order, but you get where I'm going with this.
Probably the 3 Graces were our best examples of knowing what's what.
I mean Pat, Nan and Chessy of the firm :Buckley,Kempner,Raynor and Sisters. Nothing slowed them down. No downturn of the stock market, or the utter buckling of the pavement in this town and every other one in this country, which has put the squeeze on our beautifully shod toesies.Not War, starvation,unemployment,disease or a general malaise having turned the once puffy white clouds BLACK dampened their PARADE. Nope this firm did what we should all be doing. They threw dinner parties....sometimes as many as 2 a week and went the rest of the week to each others and let's not forget high ticket benefit SOIREES! 'Don't let the small stuff interfere with your duty to be gay, mad cap,ironic , and just DEVIL MAY CARE. God I miss them. They were BROADS on a MISSION.

So while sitting and having a manicure, pedicure and massage at one of those fabulous and CHEAP corner NAILTIQUES I was clawing through ALL the magazines. These journals for those of us who worship at the alter of Fashion ,are the equivalent of the Codex. A wave of optimism crashed over me( thank GOD I didn't have hair for a DO) looking at our new BUSH WACKERS: Aerin Lauder,Marina Rust,Lauren DuPont,Alexandra von Furstenburg, Samantha Boredman,Tory Burch,so-and-so GETTY,and we mustn't ever forget Bea Schaeffer-Wintour.
These girls are everywhere with their capable hands in every Gateau in town. They are mothers,wives( in the loosest sense of the word...considering you almost NEVER see a husband in sight)leaders of MAJOR industry, Philanthropists and just WORLD-CLASS party goers. They pose in their homes here ,there and over there, too. They pose for EACH OF US at parties we'd never get invitations to and yet they are EXAMPLES for us to APE .
Gestures, style, their homes' decor, the way they entertain in such an artless, MODERN and NATURAL way. This Joie de Vivre that they EXUDE in such a DEGAGE way is exactly the model for those of us weighted down by daily plebeian concerns.
Forget taxes, rent,health care,all the niggling little distractions that DERAIL us from having a Good Ole Time. (Don't) EAT,Drink , and be WARY. What comes ,comes. Like these girls, if we're lucky ,what doesn't kill us, only leaves us CRIPPLED. So follow the WACK PACK and start having some seriously STYLISH FUN!


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