Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let's give CREDIT where it's Due. The Indespensible Assistant Designer.

There isn't a DESIGN HOUSE worth it's SALT that isn't fuelled by the unstinting, UNWAVERING efforts of the ASSISTANT to the designer. This one man or multi-force ARMY of faceless minions keeps these businesses ALIVE.
So much is credited to the STAR , the FACE (genious or not) of the house ,but the facts are very often at odds with this picture.NO designer is able to do this HERCULEAN job alone. The well is just too deep and vast and treacherous with cross currents,riptides and a vicious UNDERTOW. We need to recognize and applaud these women and men and kids . The assistant brings the news, the coffee, the tissues, the drink or anti-anxiety remedy to the BOSS on a regular and steady basis.
He/She/They are always at work,toiling,dreaming,scheming,DIVINING the zeitgeist that feeds and breathes life into the process of creation. There should be AWARDS for most GENEROUS and most DEDICATED assistant in the CFDA roster. The problem is that these SAINTS live an invisible existence in this VORTEX called FASHION.
A great one , is one who fearlessly holds TRUE to an objective EYE in the storm of indecision, the pressures of the market place...the crushing stresses on the delicate PSYCHE of designers forced to attempt GREATNESS, attempt RECOGNITION and VALIDATION from the most fickle audience of all:THE PRESS. The customer is so much easier to please and satisfy. The customer is always CHEERING on the designer. There's an EMPATHY inherent in the HEART and MIND of the consumer. They know because they invest. They BELIEVE because they experience the pleasure and JOY of a confidence in themselves because of the power of fashion and how it uplifts them.These people WALK TALLER ,STAND TOUGHER because a designer has helped them find the language and POETRY that tells their story. The ASSISTANT has carted the topsoil,planted the seeds and watered the garden of the designers' imagination making these fantastic dreams become real.
It's always so moving at show's end
when the designer comes out and puts forward the team
who helped make the fantasy real. There's a palpable rush of gratitude on both their parts and the audience gets the chance to be intimately included in this exchange.
Moments like this restore my faith in the grace of HUMILITY. After all, why else are we all here but to show thanks for the chance to make this short time we have special and not just a passing mist of smoke.

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