Wednesday, April 16, 2008

shoes or not?

Unless its an open toe flat mule, I don't give a rat's ass about it. Comfortable, practical, elegant and wearable. Well I'm pitifully alone in my thinking, with the exception of people with foot issues, too short mates, or the extreme religious right. So these Prada Hobbit's heels, the new heel that looks like it broke and she can't be bothered fixing it and now wears it as an extension of the sole, or the cantilevered heel with missing supports all boggle my too small mind. As you see, I rub my brow too much over the vagaries of fashion and style.
So what's up wit Dat?
First , the Prada Hobbit Heel : Besides looking like the GREENEST shoe in the patch, it is so DEEPLY organic , you're forced to build a wardrobe around them or wear them alone with a thatched shift. It's not easy being GREEN. But on the other hand, they have a humor to them that's in such short supply, so go on....Elfin -Chic is sweet.
The Cantilevered Heel is Fashion catapulting itself into the future. But Fashion and Future are a contradiction in terms which cancel each other out. So enough said on that.
My favorite one is the Broke DOWN Mountain shoe. This one, though already so last week, in fact so last 2 or 3 seasons ago, has percolated to the surface and is now leading as a shoe of the moment. A heel that is prone as opposed to standing and supporting the shoe. That style is a metaphor for the life and times of the here and now. If it's BROKE don't Fix it, just SHUFFLE on down the road. Good luck and GOD help you. There is SURREALISM and there's SILLYISM.
You decide.....I'm too over it.
The last thing to mention on these directional shoes are the prices. HOBBIT hooves, FUTUREPAST and BROKE DOWN brogans cost as much as feeding a family of 4 for a month or more. I understand the idea of value and the price of the NEW, but 5,6,7oo bucks for a shoe is really bordering on the concept of INVESTING. So an investment is usually for things that have a future attached to them, something one wants to have for the long run that possibly increase in value over time and can be kept/utilized...or if not, then sold for a profit , or perhaps passed on to a future generation. These shoes don't really fit any of those criteria.If you're a collector then ok, but otherwise NOT ok. Why not just look at them on the page and just turn to the next? I did and I don't have any regrets ...and I even missed out on the BUYER'S REMORSE. Rent is coming up soon, and at this late date I couldn't afford the REMORSE!

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