Tuesday, April 15, 2008


What is IT? Who has IT? How can I get IT?

You know that's a question not so easy to answer. You figure that over a lifetime perhaps some of the fortunate few figure it out. Well, I'm going into my 7th or 8th life,I've lost count, and I'm just starting to get an inkling of what IT is. In this suffocating little world of fashion ,style, status, cool, wow-ness, IT is the holy GRAIL issue. The search is on. Treasure maps can be bought on the news stands from 25 cents to an easy$100. Those maps are printed daily and monthly and so many of us snatch them up in the search for IT. The clever ones think that making a b-line to the nearest luxury emporium and paying a premium gets them IT earlier and faster than the OTHERS.
Others go and try to buy IT wholesale, the really savvy treasure hunters. Still others think IT is merely a pose one affects, giving everyone who's looking the look and feel of having IT. The saddest ones are the itsy bitsy group who think they were born with IT and have exclusive rights to IT, due to pedigree. Well they rarely if ever have ,know, or see IT, when IT's staring them in the face.
So many of us moved to New York to find,have or BECOME IT. We traded lives and values for something greater...something that would buy us IT. We didn't think of what IT would cost.
Most people think that IT is a thing; something to be worn or carried. Others think IT is a pose, a way of acting or carrying ones self. And others think IT is an envied bloodline, shared by a misguided few. I've come to think It as something intangible, but wholly available to every one on the planet with or without money, means ,or mobility. IT can't be bought or sold, borrowed or stolen, bartered or saved.
A lot of In- the -GROOVE people think IT is a style, an ATTITUDE of the NOW. A certain aloofness and cool, as in remote, icy, Self referential, in short ; SNOTTINESS.

Well, IT ain't.

A too highly regarded group of fashion and social critics believe IT to be their dictates set down monthly .The wearing of a certain brand of clothing, a tight set of choices with little room to stray leaves little room for individuality. But by doing so, wearing so , and so and so, they believe one can possess IT.

IT, I've come to realize can not be seen, held or heard. From what I can gather, this thing called IT is a thing that's inside...not out. IT has to do with knowing ones self and finding a cozy place inside. IT's the actions and choices one makes in how to get through life, keeping in mind that we are only here a very short time. IT appears to manifest IT'S self in ones capacity to treat others with respect and compassion. Not simple or easy. Not even considered cool .

IT could be one's ability to give freely, without exacting a price. To be willing to take the good with the bad and not wasting everyone's time BITCHING about having been CHEATED.
IT is not keeping score. Maybe, IT'S allowing YOURSELF and the rest of us to just BE.

That's IT........I think.

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