Saturday, February 6, 2010

High Hopes, Measured Expectations

Sometimes I think I live on a half empty dish of milk and never one that's half full. In reality, I'm a hopeless optimist. I've always been that way. When time and life take hold, you have to let go of certain baggage that becomes dead weight. Some of that excess baggage can be unrealistic dreams, wants and needs that have nothing to do with what is really important or necessary.
My interest in Fashion is a desire for a world more pleasing. I feel better when the things around me engage and soothe me. That same desire is my compass when I look at collections. Do they engage me? Are they aesthetically pleasing? Do they challenge my view of what is beautiful or interesting? Do they make men and women look good, better or great? Or do the clothes make a mockery of humanity; The Emperor's new clothes syndrome.
I don't mean to sound like I'm some precious, high minded aesthete. That's not it at all. With the collections a few days away, I feel a desire to preface my comments as a spectator and critic. I love great things from Art to Literature to Fashion to the whole mush of Visual /Media Arts, objects, architecture, manners, thought, you name it. But as Fashion is the subject at hand, I look at it with all of those questions and criteria in mind. I'm someone with high hopes.
Like Vegas, the house is winning no matter how skilled a player you are or how well you can count cards. Lately, life has felt like the film, "The Hangover". We've all been slipped a Ruffi and come to each day not knowing what happened the night before. We're missing a tooth, feeling a little worked over, and not exactly sure what happened.
So I'm hopeful that the Createurs will tap into a vein of gold. I want to sit in a state of blissful wonder. I don't want more banality. We all need to see and feel things that give us a charge. That may sound absurdly unrealistic, even self indulgent. It's only my optimism. I don't take pleasure in clawing collections.I don't require fabulousness, I only hope for a little beauty.


Anonymous said...

Please, please continue to maintain your standards! After all, why did your collections look so beautiful if not for the degree of excellence that you demand of yourself?!

Anonymous said...

HERE HERE. You have summed up my feelings about the state of fashion...I long to feel excited again. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

by the way, if you liked "precious" I would encourage you to check out the new film "fish tank" which I think is a lot richer and a lot more ambiguous and a lot better

Anonymous said...

I think fashion is not going to be what it used to be ever again. I am not a negative person, I am realistic. We are in a total different era. We are all for the most part free to express ourselves. The internet has liberated everyone to explore and discover, explore and test, think and wake up.

Fashion has lost its respect. I still love it, and I still look up to what the big names are doing and even better what the small names are trying to achieve. As fashion week rolls in, in a matter of hours, we will be able to see the new faces walking the walk, and the small progress that US talent will show.

Fashion is a dream, a fantasy, a laboratory of ideas that mostly do not fit the reality or the times we are leaving in. Sure, broadcast live, send the show to the moon, show the models walking on fire or coming out of quicksands at the end of the 15 minutes, it will be all over, rush out the door or backstage, and say things that don't mean a thing. If the register is not "click clicking", it mean nothing. I cannot wait to read Cathy Horyn, I cannot wait to read what you think. I cannot wait to buy the WWD magazine with what they think it was the best 10! I already know who it will be: 1 or 2 designers from NY + 2 from Milano + 1 that is off the wall (any city will do) + the rest to PARIS!!!
isn't great!!!! I mean, what do i know? I just love to see this circus. Let the Fashion Olympics begin, and help the falling model get back on her feet!
Let's have fun!

Anonymous said...

Forget it, Fluffy. I never guessed you an optimist: you're too clear-eyed. Nonetheless, out of all the effluvia, surely a beautiful nugget will show itself. Perhaps--don't take this the wrong way--you're just feeling time doing its wickedness, and all our humours and lusts and desires are just as fairy dust. New world, new world.

Unknown said...

I do respect your high standards.One always should live to the highest ability and expect nothing less from the wowrld, as well as from himself. However, do you think that sometimes you are just an itsy bitsy too critical or, perhaps, expect too much? Just wondering...Have a wonderful day.:-)