Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Before returning to the business at hand , I feel it necessary to send out an APB to the style community. This is a heads up to us all regarding what is and isn't vital to the Fashion Machine. The time has come to slough off the faux, clear the hall of smoke and sweep up the shards of broken mirrors. Let's look at Ungaro the collection, and leave Lindsey to the Lawyers, and that goes for all the other pretenders to the thrones of the world. Enough bilious bull !!!!!
The Lars, Blass, Wu's, Miz, Galliano, Halstons, Soms, (too many to name and that goes for editors of papers and mags, they know who they think they are) weak Design programs of weak Colleges, and everything out there that is cobbled together with glue, spit and the ideas of others: Let's just step over it and take our seats. If a cameraman is rude and knocks you in the head to get a better shot of Anna or any other personage of questionable merit, then use your gift bag of makeup and smear it on his lense. He'll think twice the next time. Let's set our standards higher and put our efforts into applauding the do-ers and not the do-ees.

This came to me while watching RuPaul's Drag Race, about 4 straight hours of it. She doesn't stand for dissent and dirty tricks and neither should we. At this crucial hour so very late in the game it's time, in her inimitable words to, "Lip-Synch for your Lives"! That means ALL of us. She takes it a step further and commands, "....and don't F#$%&* It Up." It's as simple as," Chante", or, "Sashay, Away".

For those who interpret my TWITTER-SIZED MANIFESTO AS BITTER OR MEAN SPIRITED, .....WHATEVER. Take my word for it, I'm happy. I just want to see design that moves me and an industry that I'm proud to be a part of.

That said, I can return to the dream which is Paris!

signed: BATTLE AXE GALLACTICA (my new RuPaul Drag name...)


chris in sf said...

amen! (I'm glad Morgan went home last night... Raven should have won but I know they gave it to Tyra to teach the others a lesson)

speaking of overhaul.... I wish our congress was made to Lip-sync For Their Lives....

LaShaune said...


Misty Scott said...

How ironic that I'm watching RuPaul's Drag Race AS I READ THIS! I totally agree.... RuPaul does something for us women.... makes me want to be more feminine and beautiful and out there. Love it. Design... needs to move me, needs to spin my head around, and needs to make my creative juices flow so I can create my next idea. Though I am a writer and painter, I use fashion A LOT to jog my stimuli. Color, silouette, fit, intricate construction, and boldness..... we need more. Always needing MORE! Commercialism may pay the bills, but bravery in creation writes history.

Felicia S. said...

You are giving me FEVER!
I love Rupaul, I really do.
I live in Asia now and I love the vibe here, but if any one of my colleagues starts to bother me I'm going to tell them "Chante, or Sashay...Away"

You're so right on so many levels in this post, this is a post FOR LIFE itself.