Saturday, October 25, 2008

Concept : Followers...aka Fans!

As a rather novice blogger I'm a bit of a kitty with a ball of yarn. I play , toss, chew and on occasion hump this helpless toy not knowing it's real essence and value. Well , I know it's value, because next to this keyboard and a friend or 2 , it's the thing I like to claw and cuddle more than anything in my well stocked toy chest. Recently I had the pleasure of receiving my first official follower, MissWhitney T.. I'm touched and flattered that she took the time and energy to make this kind gesture.

I write as the spirit moves me. Some months I am moved a lot, others not as much. In general, I'm moved on a pretty regular basis. I do it because I really enjoy it. It's a release. When you live and work in this parallel universe called Fashion, it's necessary to make periodic visits to reality. The air is so thin there. Your brain and as a consequence your world view and values can get skewed.Writing about the comic and dramatic turns of the fashion screw is a way of letting go and letting God/Buddha/Reverend Moon....

My concern is that I'm writing something with some value, judging from some of the comments I receive which are consistent in content: "this should be required reading for people in the industry and those who want a balanced take on the business". When I see these comments, I feel like perhaps I'm doing something right. For this reason I'd love for this blog to be more on main street and not solidly on a back street. Don't get me wrong...there's so much more fun to be had in a dark back alley than under the glare of street lights, but you need them for more people to see.

So I guess the point of this is to invite you all to read , comment and add to the fun I have on an almost daily basis. The more followers/fans the better. We all need to feel that our efforts whatever they are go appreciated and so thanks for reading. The counter shows me that many of you have peeked , and for that I'm very grateful.

One Saturday night last march when I wrote my first post, I never thought it would become such an important part of my life. I'd never written more than letters as a kid and emails. No one was more surprised than I to see that this all took on a life of it's own. Now I can't imagine not putting my 2 cents worth in . The NYTimes blog "On the Runway" is one I follow and add comments to, but with it's clubby atmosphere it can be off putting. Here I have freedom to just be.

We all need outlets for our thoughts, opinions and rants. I'm glad I found this. Just last night , my mate told me blogging is over and now it's time to Twitter. I gave up alcohol and substances 14 years ago, so I'm not sure that Twittering violates my sobriety, but I'll certainly sniff at it. Meanwhile, I'm a dedicated blogger, whether in or out of fashion. That certainly is not a new concept for me!


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Twittering (well, maybe it would come in handy during Fashion Week). But about your blogging, you have an historical perspective of fashion which I don't find among most editors or reporters (Ms. Horyn and company included). And you have just exquisite judgment of fashion so from here in midwest Main Street, PLEASE continue informing and entertaining us.

Fluff Chance said...

dear friend,
Thanks so much for your comment and compliment. I very much appreciate it. I'm reaaly very moved by your words. Just this morning before reading this I was thinking /wondering if this is something I should continue. Your words came at a moment when they were most needed. Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoy . Fell free to say hello if you care to.
Fluff at Thanks!