Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fashion UN-Reality TV: The Undoing of an Industry

Tonight Fashion TV,which is hyped as reality television, scraped bottom. I've seen it coming for quite a while now with shows like Project Runway and America's Top Model and that bottom most feeding show til tonight, Kimora,Life in the Breakdown Lane. Tonight an all new low was dredged with STYLISTA. This is probably the biggest embarrassment of all. Elle Magazine has decided to cash in and flush their credibility down the collective Fashion Ave. john. Ann Slowey, editor in chief along with Joe Zee and other celebrity judges have decided to put a series of ego maniacal wannabe junior editors to the test. The grand prize being a job for a year at the magazine and an all expenses paid apt. and a years worth of uber- stylish duds from H&M.

I warmed up by watching the Top Model Tyra Banks and a bevy of unqualified "models" vie for a chance to become America's TOP model. That was enough to put me off cable for good. But Stylista made me want to toss my flat screen out the window. These shows prove that nothing is for the benefit of the misled contestants and all about self promotion for some questionable leaders of this suffering industry. Appalling doesn't begin to describe the 6 ring circus that ensued. It is embarrassing and depressing to see how these people who's success has been built in this business take it and toss it to the dogs. Fashion is or was an honorable profession. Not anymore if this is the new barometer.

Ann Slowey pretends to be the Anna Wintour of the Devil wears Prada. What was so pathetic from the very first, she was ridiculously overdressed, totally unable to walk in her heels in EVERY scene and acted cold, harsh and absurd. The criticism and qualities pronounced by her and her cohorts as to what makes a fashion editor was vapid, empty headed and false. What is most disturbing is this is the KOOL-AID the public now drinks. Scripted junk with naive sheep going to slaughter. As someone who is and has been apart of this industry for many years, I was in a complete state of disbelief. Actually, that isn't any longer true. I do believe what I witnessed and it made me want to get as far away from this business as possible.

Just because our economy and values in this country have gone due south doesn't mean we need to sell out , but sell out we have. The only reason for this vile display must be money. These editors and judges are already very well paid. They command the highest salaries in their fields, but still the greed is uncontrolled. The in fighting between contestants, their total lack of self respect or sense of proportion is out there for all to see. I for one can't watch. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Saddest of all is there will be no survivors. A deserted island is what Seventh Avenue has become. A dark,dangerous , booby trapped ditch filled with poisonous snakes and quicksand.

Not my idea of fun and certainly not anything with any redeeming value. My cable bill just got a lot less expensive. I cancelled my subscription to fashion hell. The reality is challenge enough without TRUMPED up offal to add such a nauseating stench.

CNN is looking better every day.

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