Friday, October 17, 2008

Who needs Forever.

As much as we love to have really fantastic clothes,accessories, objects,shoes, toys and more toys, what is the real value? Well there's lots to value. Nothing is sweeter than the most perfect fitting suit or the most luscious alluring dress.Or a drop dead pair of shoes for that matter. I personally go crazy over a beautiful painting or pieces of ancient Chinese porcelain. I'd kill for an Egyptian Ibis with bronze legs, jeweled eyes and a body carved in wood ,still intact after a few thousand years. I'd take that to a coop on Park any day of the week. A flawlessly bred German or Dutch dressage horse less than 10 years old might induce me to sell some of the other goodies. But nowadays with things looking a little gray and not terrifically hopeful,why not settle for some of the simpler , less expensive pleasures?

For instance, how about taking maybe $200. and see how many steals there are at UNIQLO? That store was designed for hard times. I have the greatest cashmere sweaters in about 5 colors, a PERFECT Pea coat, the best fitting jeans and a couple of dress shirts . I swear I spent 2-225. tops. You can't buy a decent pair of good shoes for that. Now assuming you have a decent pair of shoes, everyone of those pieces will look like you spent a fortune. People will actually ask you where you got it. Quality does not have to come with a price tag that gives you chest pains.

Shopping is one of those things that give a lot of people a lift. Out of control shopping is not the answer , but after a particularly shitty week like this one was, it's nice to get yourself a little somethin' somethin'. A good long hot bath does it too, but once you're dry, what a treat it is to slip on something cool.

Shops like Uniqlo,Zara,Club Monaco and the great bastions of the MARKDOWN like Lehman's, I mean Loehman's and Filene's Basement and Daffy's have some amazing finds. Sure it's not glamourous like the A list but there is HOTNESS to be found. Just the act of the hunt takes your mind off of how much you sucked wind this past week,month...year. I am not a shopper as a rule. I know it doesn't sound like it, but when you eat ,breath choke on fashion as I do, stores are not always that appealing. I'm much to analytical and impatient in most. I want a zen my higher power led me to a pair of Prada loafers for 140 marked down from 425. Dealing with the bullshit of shopkeepers who think they are their clients is an exercise in annoyance. Finding things on my own is much more fun, and when it's a deal, then all the better.

Some of us do not feel the crunch.Those fortunate few can still shop on the street of dreams, no matter how nightmarish the expense, but more and more, folks are taking it a bit easier and slower, and cheaper. Fabulous investments, just fewer at a time. Shopping directly from designers is one route. It's a perfect marriage, really. Total selection from a collection at a fraction of retail. Second hand designer shops are a juicy treat . I just like my clothes to be mine, first and last. I don't love wearing something that already housed another soul. Who knows if they were nice people,smart people or even stylish people. You could be donning some tainted crap that looks fine to the naked eye. I'll stick to new, whether it's grade b,c or d.

So this little missive is just a suggestion. Don't get bummed if the 1200. Jimmy Choo isn't in the cards this week. take your shoes to a great cobbler, have the soles cleaned up, the uppers refreshed and cleaned and put together a new look. Something old , something new, something stolen, something GREEN! The party is far from over, it just switched location for a bit. A hot, sexy you is a happy beautiful you.

Forever is a silly idea with little variation. Let's keep shakin' it up. Who knows who or what we'll find?

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Anonymous said...

This entry was reminding me of the Times piece on enduring labels ( such as Barbour, Filson, Levi's. But then I noticed your dateline; perhaps Mr. Trebay is a reader?

As for me I was a step ahead of Mr. Trebay and bought a few new Barbours from my favorite Newburyport, MA, British goods store back in late August (no J. Mendel furs for me this year--thanks Maestro!) I was late in getting to the clothing, so I'll be hunkering down for the depression with some new St. John pieces picked up in this year's extremely early and deep sales.