Friday, October 10, 2008

There's an Elephant in the room.

Lately,how many times have you bumped into or seen out of the corner of your eye a full grown elephant inside, just a few feet to the left , right or just behind you? It doesn't make any sense. We're not at the zoo, on safari or anywhere where an elephant should be. The fact remains: there's one in the room and she's pretty big...actually, full grown and not all that quiet. You all might wonder why I bring this up, except someone needs to and it may as well be me.

I said weeks ago that change is in the air. Autumn blew in as summer burned itself out. Something blew in with autumn that was bigger than a stray oak leaf , or a bread box for that matter. That something is rather large , hairy and just a little off putting: an altered world with very little stability in a host of ways.

I have never been one to dwell on problems, it only makes me irritable and does nothing to seek solutions. The question is ,"How do we face facts , get on with life and still make the most of it?" Living in the past, thinking only of the future has nothing to do with TODAY. Today is the one given, the real gift. We all must try to be here in the moment and make the best of it. We can't do anything about yesterday and tomorrow is not in the contract. My solution is to make every moment count.

If we don't shop with abandon, then that's our choice. If we get things to make what we have work better, then great. To responsibly deal with the vagaries of life is one solution that makes perfect sense.

The antidote to trying times is not to spend without thought or control, but you can reinvigorate your appearance, confidence and keep the world turning. I'm going to offer you the very best choices and you owe it to yourselves and loved ones to put your best stylishly clad foot forward. Looking good may not be the best revenge, but it sure beats feeling bad. Do yourself a favor: embrace that elephant.She might be huge, but she's probably sweeter than you think, and would die for a new shade of lipstick!

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