Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is Stefano Pilati out at YSL?

I was playing in the garden a few moments ago on this bright sunny day. I've got such cabin fever that I just can't stand another moment inside. So what that the temp is cold enough to turn my little hairless balls to icy jaw breakers. Where was I? Oh, right, the garden. So I was frolicking amongst the bits of snow and frozen vegetation when I spied a little chickadee basking in the sun's rays. He didn't see me crouch and slink towards him soundlessly. Before he could let loose a cheep, I grabbed him with my Hermes gloved paws and began to contemplate his fate. A muffled sound caught my attention and I ceased my little game of cat and birdy.
"Wait a minute." the chick cheeped. "Have you heard that Pilati is out at YSL?" he gasped.
"Are you serious?" I asked. " You know, a well placed rumor will not save you. I'm hungry, am starting WeightWatchers tomorrow and intend to have my way with you", I exclaimed.
" Just wait a bit and let me go. Look at the Internet and see that I'm telling the truth. You can tell your readers that a birdy told you".
So, gang, the bird is sitting right here and we're both waiting to see if this is true. If it is, I'll just say a birdy told me. If not, well this birdy may not be spreading any more rumors. Bon Apetit!


AC said...

it's about time. they need a frenchman.

Anonymous said...

Heidi Slimane ?

Anonymous said...

If this is so, I won't be surprised. With all the musical chairs going on in these fashion houses, nobody's safe and haven't been for years. That said, he and several more could stand to be replaced in several European houses because I can't imagine them generating great sells w/ their aesthetic. I mean, how many boxy fussy items does one need in their closet?

I guess it's obvious that I never liked him for YSL, eh? LOL