Sunday, February 27, 2011

Michelle Williams: Oscar brilliance!

I'm laying out the dip, the cheese and nuts with the red carpet coverage on in the background. The stars are falling, well not exactly falling as that would imply ones wishes coming true. My wish would be for surprises, beauty and glamor. So far there are a hand full of stumbling actors in dresses that diminish more than enhance. Red is the turquoise of the evening but some other shades have jumped out as a result. Helen Mirren's grey green faille gown is the best she's looked ever. Lilac on Mila Kunis looked pretty good though all the cascading layers of lace were a bit overwrought. The sea of reds has been a nice blast as it's a color that looks great on most everyone. Some girls looked better than others mostly due to the cut than the color.Jennifer Lawrence is the winner of the red category in scarlet Calvin Klein. It is a supremely simple form fit gown on a girl with a beautiful body. Gwynneth Paltrow was beautiful in silver paillette covered Calvin Klein. Francisco Costa does minimal in the most minimal way and this dress is his maximal version of lean and mean. For me the hands down beauty is Michelle Williams in pearl grey Chanel haute couture. This dress does what every great dress should do. It takes a very pretty girl and elevates her to the stratosphere of BEAUTIFUL. Enjoy the show, I know I will.


Shani Gilchrist said...

YES! For the most part I found this year's red carpet couture to be rather boring. We were all told that this year's fashion trends would be more grown up and glamorous. I guess we'll have to wait until next year for that to fully materialize. Michelle Williams was beautiful, but the night lacked 'umph'. Happy Monday!

the colored man said...

Glad that you recognized Helen Mirren. It seems that the style gurus only think you are hot if you are under 30 years old.

the colored man said...

Eric, glad to see that you recognized Helen Mirren, who looked absolutely stunning. It seems that so many of the fashion analysts overlook those who are over 30. Great job!!! The Colored Man @