Saturday, February 12, 2011

Prabal Gurung Fall2011

Prabal Gurung is mellowing nicely like a fine wine. His collections get better and stronger with each outing and this one is the best yet. The glaring attention that he and some of his contemporaries have gotten of late can stunt growth necessary to step from the infant stages to adulthood. It hasn't interfered with his growth like it has others. The Vogue/CFDA initiative designed to mentor and award young designers gave him a runner up prize. The recognition and attention he's received has been a boon to his confidence which is clearly reflected in the work. This collection is rife with beautifully realized ideas made with an assurance that didn't seem quite as clear before. Techniques of drape, tailoring and a sophistication in mixing metaphors are artfully and confidently delivered. Color is also a strength that too many other designers tiptoe around. The ombre effects in his furs were especially strong as was the persimmon color of a silk crepe top and long skirt. Lace seems to be a fabric of choice this season and he appliques it to white grounds creating graphic silhouettes. His use of luxury embroideries are also bold and original. I can easily see some of these designs on the shoulders of actresses in the short stretch to the Oscars. Prabal is relatively early out of the gates this season but proves that he's a front runner no matter how the others show, place or win.

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P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

truly beautiful I loved the red and pink mix in a few of these pieces. pgt