Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jeremy Laing Fall2011

Jeremy Laing made a collection that looked to the heavens for its inspiration. The phases of the moon and the surface of distant planets were the theme with beautiful variations. The setting was a gigantic universe of its own on distant west 26th Street in a building that seemed to house a whole galaxy of fashion presentations and fashion related businesses. As I approached the cavernous loft space in this gargantuan structure I passed a parked car in a loading dock on the 6th floor. As strange as that was it was even stranger when I watched it drive onto an elevator to exit along with a sea of fashion explorers.
Jeremy's presentation which amounted to a shifting still life was striking in its mystery. Fabrics with prints of what appeared to be lunar surfaces, hand dyed wool that suggested gaseous atmospheres and languid jerseys all in colors both neutral and saturated purples and blues were draped and cut in succinct messages like communiques from far off worlds. I liked the economy of his methods with statements that said warm layers, liquid night or day light uniform. The models were striking as they stood against walls of windows with sunlight pouring in from behind them. There was an otherworldly quality to the mood that made me feel like a witness to a visit from somewhere far away. The incense that filled the air was intoxicating. The spartan jewelry on the model's necks and wrists was a great addition to a presentation that was equally spartan and dreamlike.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, he is good, I like the "crater of the moon" dress.
you always pick the best ones.