Sunday, October 12, 2008


I was just looking at some of the things I've shared with you over the past 8 months and was a little tickled. It's pathetic to laugh at ones' own jokes, but there were one or two funnies I came across that honestly made me laugh. I forget how many things have crossed my mind that compelled me to write. I went to my profile to see what was written when this little hair ball of a blog was born. Precious little was there, so I decided to fill in a few of the spaces in hopes of giving some of you a clearer picture of me. Of the 2000 plus times many of you have taken a peek at my musings , only 151 of you have actually looked at my profile. Should this number increase , I thought it's a good time to give you a bit more 411.
I'm always curious about people and ideas, so I spend a fair amount of time observing what passes by. Whether animal, mineral or vegetable, I tend to take a long look. That's what makes and keeps life interesting. I'm not a writer , never was and have only come to it in this way out of a desire to share ideas, feelings and my opinion. I know that I can be irksome at times, but who isn't? I'm certainly not an authority on fashion criticism but have been around it long enough that I've formed views I feel compelled to voice. It can feel like talking to someone who's not there at times but isn't that a truth in life? A comment is always exciting, almost like a surprise gift. I have no idea what to expect until I open it and read. For those of you who've taken the time to comment, I greatly appreciate it. I'm not such an egotist to get total pleasure at the sound of my own voice. It would be nice to hear more from some of you, particularly those who who have read this more than once .
Who and what I am is not that important. The same goes for all of you. What is important are our views on life and what make us the creatures that we are. That's the interesting stuff. Writing has given me an outlet to exercise my mind and exorcise my soul. I'd recommend it to any of you with something to say. Probably , the thing that gives me greatest pleasure and satisfaction is when I find that I've made someone feel that they're not alone, that there are others out here who share the same feelings and have lived similar lives. Knowing I'm not alone is a huge comfort.
There are no revelations regarding me and this blog. Blogs are very popular nowadays, it almost feels like a trend I hit on long after it was new, but it's fun and keeps me focused and amused. It certainly beats smug self absorption. NYC is very big on that.....why do you think there are so many gyms in this town. I'm proud to say I'm a member of one for 3 years now and have gone about 3 times. As you can see, I'm still thin and in reasonably good shape, but when I start to grow hair and begin to gain weight , I'll probably start going more and writing less.
Have a good Sunday and thanks for your attention and interest. It's greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

well fluff, you are a most endearing creature. Thanks for filling us in a bit with your updated bio. I read your blog often and find it insightful, funny and always clever. Your one of a kind too bad. We could use a few more like you

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a most thoughtful and genuine post. It strikes me that for the different professional paths we trod (public health statistics for me), we share many interests: dressage, amateur flute playing, art. And I appreciate the reminder of the Diana Rigg film, which I now need to go find and rent.

I wouldn't be too discouraged by the lack of comments. I have an arts blog of about 3 years running, and it took about 18 months to reach an audience of significant size. Though I still do not receive daily, or even weekly comments, it has its rewards for me. Anyhow, thank you and keep posting!

Fluff Chance said...

dear Anonymous Public Health statistician, thanks for your message. We do share alot in common. The Diana Rigg film is impossible to rent here. I found it on a british video web site and ordered it(all 4 episodes on 1 disc) I'm sitting down this evening in front of the fire to watch it with some friends. I CAN'T WAIT! She's one twisted sister in this one. If you read this and want to get in touch my email is Thanks for the support. I'll keep tapping away. Fluff