Monday, September 21, 2009

Painful Posts....

Gang ,
I just posted a review of Peter Som and Doo.Ri a moment ago. It's dated Friday, but as you can see it's now Monday. That just shows you how hard it is sometimes to find something to say that's even remotely of any interest or value. I'm not convinced that I succeeded. It's the thought that counts but maybe some thoughts are better kept to onesself, just like some collections. Let's hope the others I still have left to share are less difficult births.
Always my best,


Divalocity said...

Fluff, I feel your pain. From some of the reviews that I've read, many of them gave favorable reviews to some of the most hideous clothing on the runway, while dismissing those designs which actually looked good and were wearable.

Netdeva said...

It's hard to say something nice about Peter Som. I mean my mama always taught me to wear my panties on the inside.

Seriously, Fluff, when is your book coming out? I'm tired of what's out there.