Sunday, February 13, 2011

Derek Lam Fall2011

Derek Lam is one of those rare people in fashion that actually delivers. There's no annoying patter about banal themes or constant sightings at the opening of every shopping bag or his face eclipsing his work in newspapers and fashion magazines. Derek appears to be a man whose focus is on his work and boy does it show. This collection like the one before and the one before that is seriously great. Looking at it I'd have to say that there is something truly wonderful for just about everyone. Razor sharp tailoring, compelling new shapes in sportswear and fantastic dresses both short and long make this one of the most dynamic collections in this country and the world. His coats whether in cloth or fur are essential and modern, never derivative. The colors are varied from dark to light, neutral to saturated vibrant shades and all masterfully mixed. Without sending out tricky, strange looks each exit was its own interesting story. This show honestly had a line up of sophisticated, elegant clothes that were fresh, exciting and infinitely wearable. All of those adjectives sound trite and over used but in this case they seem to fall short of their mark. Of so many new talents to bubble to the top Derek Lam is one of the most deserving of the spot light. He is truly an heir to the mantle of the great American designer. Look at this collection and see if you aren't in complete agreement. WOW!

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Evelyn Esi said...

I have loved Derek Lam for ages. He has a solid track record. Glad to see his fall 2011 is in keeping with his great skill. Thank you Fluffy for all you hard work. *throws Fluff a Kitty treat*